contributers are volunteers. We are excited to get the word out about Denver’s independent buisnesses and happenings along with stories of the unique people and their awesome life styles.
If you are interested in helping out with the magazine or website, or if you have an idea for an article, contact us!

Truly Rejected is always on the look out for writers.
We are looking to bring on 2-3 volunteers. You must be a independent worker and able to meet deadlines.
We understand volunteers can’t work full time, but we do expect a modicum of reliability.
For writing for the magazine you maybe asked to do just one large article or a couple smaller ones. A large article can be up to 6000 words. Smaller articles will most likely be 1-2 thousand.

We will give you topics to choice from our you can submit your own ideas for magazine articles and we will deiced if it fits the issue at hand, archived for a future issue or the web.

If you wish to write only for the website. You will have quiete a bit more freedom but more deadlines and writing. As a bloger we would like two-three articles a month, the size of the articles can vary drastically from a few hundred words with a few photos to however many words you wish to write and photos you wish to take. The website like the magazine is split into sections.

Art, Fashion, Music, Places, Stories,

So the subject you write about should fit into one of these categories.

Web bloggers need to be proficient in grammar as we most likely wont have the time to edit the article.

Writers need to be open minded and willing to interview people face to face if possible.

Web Bloggers need to have a camera to take photos of the their subject.

Grammar skills.

How to apply

To apply simply email:Volunteer@trulyrejced.com with the heading: “Volunteer Writing Position.”

Please include your name, where you’re from, and a brief bio specifically pertaining to your history . Also feel free to include any past writing experience you may have.

Also include a couple samples of writing.These can be from other articles you’ve written in the past for other organizations your own blog or you can make something up on the spot.