The amazingly talented friends of Truly Rejected are the fuel that feeds the magazine through their generous contributions of talent and time. All revenue received from advertising is re-invested into TR to sustain and improve the magazine’s contents and readership. We run two different advertising rates: local “small business” rates and a rate for businesses with more than 50 employees.

Why is this important?

It is expensive for a small business to run an advertisement in a local magazine, and a lot of businesses don’t have the funding. So, we have tried to level the field by providing them with a direct line to their target audience with low cost.

Truly Rejected offers design services for all advertisers. We have some very talented local artist/designers that will create a one of a kind advertisement for you. If you would like to see our past advertisements, please check out or link here.

We offer these services for local “small business” at no fee, because we know you don’t always have the time, money, or staff to do this for you. We can either meet with you in person to design your advertisement, or you can send us the ideas you have for promoting your business (please be concise and direct about what is important to best promote your business). These ads are designed to tell our readers what you’re selling, your stores location, its events, and specials you’re running.

All ads are yours to keep and to use at your discretion. We can supply a digital copy of the ad upon request (the digital copy will be of a high resolution tiff).

Requirements for submitting your own advertisement

Visuals must be CMYK (never RGB, nor duotone, nor multichannel). All art must be at least 300 dpi.

If you have a lot of line art (1-bit images) it’s recommended that you deliver art at 600 dpi to prevent pixelation.

300% is the maximum ink density.


Always keep important info like photo credits, etc. away from the gutter or they might get chopped.

It is recomened that you keep all art and type NOT INTENDED TO BLEED 1/4 in from all four sides of the document.

For bleeds, 1/8″ excess must be provided on all four sides.

Questions about gutter compensation can be directed to:

Files are NOT to have crop marks.

Please remove all spot colors from your final pdf. Any signs of spot colors will automaticall be convertd to CMYK, and we cannot guarantee color matching.

Please name your files appropriately for identification, using the following format:

Name of Advertiser_IssueDate_AdSize.pdf


Preferred file type is PDF. Digital proofs and files can either be emailed directly to If the file is to large for email; contact us and we will send you a password and link to upload your advertisment.