About Us

Truly Rejected is a small local magazine in Denver Colorado; Lisa Cook and Jason Hitchcock dreamed the magazine up one day while walking to the bar. The magazine’s name, truly Rejected, was taken from the 1984 film Suburbia, in which the outsiders of the film called themselves, “The Rejected”.

We run off the kindness of amazingly talented friends we have. The money that is raised off of advertisements goes right back into each copy of TR.

We spend a lot of time, money, and effort to put out each and every issue of TR, and there are only a few of us so TR won’t come out every week or month. Our goal is to produce an issue 3 to 4 times a year.

The magazine focuses on the Colorado/Denver community, all the unique people and places in Denver. We delve into the Denver culture of the small business owner, the Local artist that might also be your local bartender, even down to your favorite bands, and stories about the people of Denver and their lives!

We are the Outsiders, Outcasts and Oddballs. We are the Underground. We are the Forgotten. We are the Mixed up, Messed up, Fucked up, Fabulously Artistic people, places, and things. We are what make Denver unique and inspiring. A city where we, the Truly Rejected, live, love, and create – demanding the world become a little more aware of the beautiful unusual.