Have you ever wondered why TR comes out only twice a year?

The reason is funding. The last four issues have been possible because of TR’s founders and a handful of local businesses that believe in what we are doing.

We have been told multiple times to charge for each and every issue of TR and to not give it away online. Because we want TR to be available to the people and provide something everyone from all walks of life and financial situations can enjoy, we have largely ignored these suggestions.

So why don’t we get off our lazy asses and drum up the money from ads?
Believe me, we have been trying.

But as we are artists and not door-to-door salesmen, So we are going to follow the second piece of advice we were given: to accept donations.

Rather then making-up a arbitrary number to sell each issue at.

We will let you decide and you can give whatever you think the work is worth.

Thank you so much for your time and we love you forever! We love Colorado and we want to put out more issues for everyone.
As always, we’ll keep trying to raise money through obtaining ads and once that becomes enough, we’ll be able to stop taking donations, making this publication what we always wanted it to be; a free publication for everyone!