Out Means Out

By Zack Kopp | Photos By Photos by: Christine Cool & Lance Stack

I am not trying to be normal, and it is at this late of a date that society as a whole is attempting to tell me that I am normal when I never once asked for normalcy. It’s a lie that even they don’t believe. The job of an artist, in my mind,is to speak their own truth, and that is what I attempt to do, regardless of the consequences, in all walks of my life.”

So what’s next for this life in the wind? “The next 6 months will include multiple giant-sized art and performance art projects that will eat all of my time starting in mid-November-ish in the Bay Area. So, basically the long and short of this is that I probably need to find a warehouse space that holds shows to move into around that time, which probably shouldn’t be that hard, but is probably harder than it sounds. So, any leads on that would rule.” Be sure to catch Sara Century’s set at the annual Gatas y Vatas fest, the latest stop on her “Perma-tour” This event will also house another Denverite, Titwrench founder and frequent “Bring Your own records” party host Sarah Slater, aka “DJ Sl8er.”