Mile High Mayhem

The History of the Scooter and the Denver Scooter Club

By Vernon Appleton | Photos By Scoot.net

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For example - the first five years that Mega C owned a scooter, he might not have had a license plate on it. It’s also possible that he didn’t have liability insurance during this time (not that we can substantiate, or condone this hypothetical!) “For all practical purposes 1998 was a blast!”

Besides being a hard partying crowd, a hallmark of a scooter enthusiast is someone who’s willing to get dirty and work on their vehicle. The care and maintenance required to own a scooter can sometimes be tedious. Mega C compares it to being in a long-term relationship.

If you think you have the enthusiasm to be a scooter kid, Mile High Mayhem 16 is around the corner. So go search your Grandparent’s barn or garage and dust off that two-wheeled machine and give it the new life that it deserves. If you can’t find one, or you happen to own a newer one, don’t worry they won’t shun you away. Show up to the rallies and the meetings. Show them that the new generation cares just as much about having fun, getting drunk and getting their hands dirty!