Strange kids

By Lisa Cook | Photos By Hesh Photo

Kai Tezca Custodio came to Denver after being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Kais’ band Strange Kids have been playing all over Denver for the last few years. Kai is intelligent and has a dynamic personality that shines during the live performances. There were a series of crazy and difficult events that happened in the last several years that got Kai on the way to becoming a Denver resident. Confronted with the death of friends and family and the realization that acceptance is hard to come by when you’re a queer person of color, Kai decided a change was coming. Kai describes the beginnings of Strange Kids, “I’ve had some run-ins because not everyone agrees with my lifestyle, who I am and what I look like. It’s unfortunate that this negative mentality still goes on without giving a moment to hear another person’s story. I needed a way to express what I was going through, Writing songs kept me somewhat sane. Through those tough times my close friend in Brooklyn, Ted Pommer, sent me music that he was working on. It was inspiring. One day he asked me to send him some of my own music that I was working on. He over-dubbed a few instruments and it sounded pretty neat. I decided to start a new band in Denver.”

Strange Kids.

The line up for the band as of now is Kai, vocals and guitar, Ryan Elwood, a professional drummer whom Kai met at a coffee shop and bassist Dallas Skare, a brand new addition to Denver as well as the latest member of Strange Kids.

Bass playing Dallas had just moved to Denver from Nashville a few short weeks before seeing a Strange Kids show. They reminded him of his friends back home so he introduced himself to Kai and was soon after a solid member in the band.

Drummer Ryan, who also plays professionally for several other projects, including Chris McGary and Jen Korte, grounds the exuberant personalities of the guitar and bass to create a great dynamic and an exciting sound. Together the three pull off an excellent musical experience.

The band enjoys playing at many of Denver’s dive bars as well as bigger more mainstream venues. Favorite places to play include The Skylark Lounge on South Broadway where the energy is exciting and there was a great turnout the last show Strange Kids played. Another cool event the band got to be a part of was New Years Eve at The Walnut Room. The place was packed, all of the bands on the bill sounded great and it was a ton of fun!

Hi- dive at 7 South Broadway is another favorite. Guitarist Dallas had heard of Hi-Dive when he lived out of state and when Strange Kids play there the sound is always spot on.
Kai and band have emerged themselves within the local Denver community by participating in some of the city’s events. Kai describes, “We played the last Titwrench (a Colorado multi-day extravaganza of the next level music, art and community with a focus on the LADY’S). We also were a part of Vegan En Vouge Speed Crafting Event that was held at the Deer Pile (located above City O City on Thirteenth) over the winter. Strange Kids are planning to record an EP for release this summer. Live performances at Festivals in Denver and California are lined up and possibly a mini tour to surrounding states are in the works.

Check out this cool band. They are great live and it will be a treat to hear what sounds they put on vinyl. Dubbed as high-energy indie alternative jangle noise with pop sensibility and shortened to the self proclaimed JANGLE NOISE DREAM POP, Strange Kids are great! Go watch and listen to them at all of their upcoming shows.