Dirty Few

By Sara Fischer | Photos By Matt Novak

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Since you’re reading Truly Rejected, I’m gonna make the leap that you love Denver, rock n roll, independent culture and bicycles. If you haven’t had the pleasure, let me introduce you to DIRTY FEW, Denver rockers by way of Nashville and Lake Charles, Louisiana. These guys live it and love to party. Think backyard bbqs. Kiddy pool belly floppin’ dance parties. Silk screening sessions, back patches and bandanas. Gooood times with tight bros. And outta control, catchy rock n roll. I met up with brothers Seth and Spencer Stone at the Dad Pad to eat pizza and drink Twisted Tea, and talk about their new release, GET LOOSE HAVE FUN, on Denver-based Heart in Box records, as well as their upcoming tour.

ME: You guys rule! Tell me about the new record. What are the themes?
SPENCER(rad guitar player and wild front man): Party.
SETH (awesome singing drummer dude): Party, party, party, rock n roll. We drank Twisted Tea the whole time we were in the studio.

ME: Delicious! How’d you get started on Twisted Tea?
S:Like two summers ago we bought em one day and we haven’t stopped. We have a spot called the Bobbin’ Hole, it’s on [omitted from record], you go down the bike path for like a mile...
SP: no, no!... this is gonna be on record!
S: We got uh, a secret spot down over there... we spent like every day for the last two summers there.
SP: On the Platte. We built a rope swing. There’s these crazy cement slides with water just gushing
around. We built a rope across, and tied a stick and a rope, and we got some plywood, and we would surf it. It’s a redneck water park. There’s a beach area, make fires at night, go skinny bobbin...
S: We’ve never gotten kicked out ever.

ME: Killer! Your new record was recorded at Black in Bluhm. How did you like it over there?
SP: Amazing.
S: That’s the place to go.

ME: Yeah, Chris Fogal, he’s a musical genius.
S: I tell everybody that.

ME: You guys are bicycle couriers?
SP: We’re food couriers, we deliver sandwiches for Jimmy Johns.
S: I work at the one on Broadway and he works at the one on 16th and California but yeah, we ride our bikes everywhere.

ME:What do you guys think of bike culture in Denver?
SP: It’s killin it right now. Our friends Jeremy Cox and Rob Engelberth just threw a huge race called Mile High Messenger Challenge. This is the second one, um last year he got sixth and I got seventh, which is pretty good. This year was during NAHBS weekend which is North American Handmade Bicycle show.

ME: What do handmade bikes look like?
SP:Just like regular bikes but like the nicest bikes ever. The best of the best.

ME: What could Denver do for bicyclists?
SP: An awareness pamphlet to motorists.
S: To let them know that we’re allowed on the road.
SP: Yeah, they honk at us, ‘Fuck you get out of the road!’ but we get a $60 ticket for riding on the sidewalk.
S: But when people honk at me now I’m just like (smiling and waving) “HEY!” I quit getting mad like a year and a half ago cuz it just happens every day.

ME: What jerks! Take note Denver drivers: back the fuck up! What else happens here for bikers?
S: Loops is cool! Every Tuesday, Broox Pulford, from Thee Dang Dangs does that, he’s been doing it for like 5 years now. It’s a nice, fast paced bike ride all throughout Denver for like an hour or two.
SP: They’re like 20-25 miles. And they stop at bars! Whenever we have shows on Tuesdays I tell Broox to make that their end point. We had a show at Lion’s Lair on a Tuesday, it was like the snowiest day of the year, and there were like 60 kids there.

ME: Pretty rad turnout for a shitty weather Tuesday night. Plus you guys kill it and your shows are the funnest! What’s the tour gonna be like this time?
S: 17 or 18 days, but in Austin for 4 days.
SP: Maitland Lottimer, he did both of our music videos, he’s letting us borrow an Olympus Camera. He’s sponsored by Olympus, and we’re just gonna film our whole tour and he’s gonna edit it and make a cool tour video.

ME: Sweet! Can’t wait to see it. Any good tour stories?
SP: I touched a gator! Down in Louisiana!

ME: What did the gator did do?
SP: He whirled around, and he like circled me, and I put him in a head lock.

ME: Badass!! Do you guys have any other experience fighting wild animals?
SP: In the Photo Atlas’ new video we hunt bears. No big deal.

ME: Tell me about the label.
SP: Heart in Box! Trevor, nicknamed 12, is killin it real hard with that right now. We went through our first batch of tapes. We had to get another batch, 250 more, and we got em in red white and blue, for tour. He just signed Zebroids. When we get back we’re gonna record 10 songs and make a 10 inch, or a 12 inch.

ME: He’s gonna put out some vinyl too?
S: It’s the right thing to do. He’s in it to support Denver, he’s killing it real hard.

ME: I love you Dirty Few!!
Check out Heart in Box Record’s blogspot to order your cassette copy of Get Loose Have Fun!