Little Fyodor

By Dave Lichtenberg |

This incarnation continues to blaze the bars and warehouses and basements of Denver, rattling cages and stages throughout! And maybe they’re yet destined for bigger things…???

Since 1982, Little Fyodor has also hosted a radio show on KGNU, Boulder (and now also Denver) called Under The Floorboards, featuring the homemade, obscure music of weirdoes everywhere, and dedicated to the Insects of Society. Recently Fyodor has added acting to his repertoire, taking a role as President of the Galaxy in Captain Swift and the Invasion from Dimension X, and then as the slimy prosecutor Mills in Denver’s first stage production of Trey Parker’s Cannibal: The Musical. For the 2011 Holiday Season, LF accompanied Babushka’s live performance of her Naughty XXXmas Carols as part of The Bug Theatre’s “Merry Fucking Christmas”.

Look for Little Fyodor & Babushka wherever crazed punksters ply their trade and checkout littlefyodor.com or reverbnation.com/littlefyodor or just plain Google his ass to learn more, keep tabs on his strange and varied activities, find his Facebook page and some youtube splattering’s, and hell, maybe even BUY SOME SHIT!! Connecting to you makes Little Fyodor feel maybe, just maybe, it is not ALL for naught…….