Vincent Cheap

The Bunny

By Jason Hitchcock | Photos By Hesh Photo

The suit made it through the tour and was retired shortly after.Artistically throughout America, the whole rabbit thing seemed to become very popular. It was around the time that Smoking Labbit came out and whenever you opened a juxtapose magazine you would see rabbits gracing the pages. There were bands like Black and Brown wearing bunny costumes and movies with titles like Brown Bunny. It was only a matter of time that all of the bunnies would be retired. The suit did have an afterlife though and it became passed around a lot and was used in all kinds of inappropriate activities. Years later the bunny suit made its way back into Vincents life, full of cigarette holes and stains. It now sits in his closet waiting for its next reincarnation. Luckily the bunny suit lives forever in Vinny's art. Because Vincent changes addresses often he doesn't really have a big collection of his work (minus the stuff from childhood) nor does he ever take photos of his work. Usually, he just leaves his paintings somewhere or gives them away to friends or sometimes trades them. But occasionally he gets calls from people saying they have seen his work in places like Chicago, where pieces of his artwork hang in a bar. In Oklahoma, a woman had five pieces of his art work, but he has no idea how they got there or who she even is. Another girl from Denver has fifteen pieces she found in a dumpster behind what used to be the 15th Street Tavern. "It is always really cool how my stuff pops up in places like it does," Vincent said. If you ask Vincent what his goals for his art are, you might get an answer you wouldn't expect. "I'd love to be the new Salvador Dali of the dorm room," Vincent mused. "I think in colleges, when they have those poster sales, I think they should have all original art sold there. I'd really love it if my art was everywhere like old Cheryl Tiegs posters. Now go check your closet, attic or alleyway because you never know, you might find your very own Vincent Cheap