Rollin’ Bones

Hot Wheels & Mad Men

By Steven Baker | Photos By Steven Baker and Joel Giltner

Plus the crowd is....well, a little rough around the edges if you catch my drift.

Here is a brief tutorial for those unfamiliar with said “rules”.

A Roller Derby Bout has two 1/2 hour periods. The periods are divided into Jams. A Jam lasts two minutes or until the lead Jammer calls it off. There are five skaters on the track from each team: one Pivot, one Jammer and 3 blockers. The points are scored when the Jammers lap a member of the opposing team, the first Jammer to get in front of all the other skaters is lead Jammer for that Jam. Being lead Jammer means you can call the jam off at any time by placing your hands on your hips. Actually, check out this link for greater detail: It gives a good explanation.

Anyone interested in trying roller derby can drop in with The Bones for $5.00. They have skates available and all the protective gear. Team members pay monthly dues which pay for the practice space. Mr. Badwrench states the only thing you need to learn for the game of Roller Derby is desire. For example, they have had several guys who didn’t even know how to skate when they first started. It’s a tough game to learn and you’re gonna pay some dues in the form of sweat, sore muscles, blistered feet, and bruises.

Interested parties can contact them through the team


So come out, see a bout, drink a beer and relax with the screaming ruffnecks of the crowd.

Or just go that one step further....