Keeping up with John Rumley

What the fuck is he up to

By Jason Hitchcock | Photos By Jason Hitchcock & John Rumley

The first guests for his show are no other then; The Quad City Madman himself- Magic Cyclops, Hot Lead Hard Fury Director M. Van Michaels and Co-Producer/Co-Writer Jesse Frazier with musical guests Wheelchair Sports Camp!?

LATE NIGHT DENVER airs Saturday January 5th and the first saturday of the month after that on The Youtube Channel:Late Night Denver

“I want the show to feel like you’re going to a party. Have a good time, get all dressed up and just be sitting on your couch,” John laughs. “The Ground rules for the show are simple –There will be no smoking under Denver law. Wait! There will be smoking. Smoking and drinking and all elicit drugs will be done back stage along with all of the debaucherous sex and whatever else goes on back there.”
“The truth is, there’s no back stage. That’s the shit I hope is going on in your home. Sit there on your couch with no pants on for all I care. I just don’t want to see it. Well…send pics. That’s ok, I guess....